Julia Lacherstorfer

violin, vocals

Where to begin? At the beginning, I suppose …

And that is the town of Bad Hall in Upper Austria where I was born into the Lacherstorfer family. My mum Elfriede, a teacher, loves to spend her leisure time either in her garden or playing the double bass. My dad Franz, also a teacher, collects pretty much everything he can get hold of – from Wilhelmsburger tableware to iron grave crosses, the latter of which he embeds in concrete in the yard. On top of that, he is a passionate bagpiper and hurdy gurdyist, a circumstance that caused one or the other rather ungentle morning for me and my sister Marlene. And this is where my musical career starts. Inspired by my parents’ group “Kremsmünsterer Bock- und Leiermusik” and my grandfather’s accordion music, I desperately wanted to learn the violin by age 6. I was granted to do so. However, I did not have an all too professional approach towards practising back then. Instead, I listened to tons of CDs with yodellers, Wienerlied, Gstanzln, and Estonian bagpipe music. After some time I started feeling the urge to put everything I knew so far into practice.

First off, my family and I formed the band “Lacherstorfer Soatnkråtzer” – this roughly translates as “Lacherstorfer String-Scratchers” – and the name was not too far-fetched, I’m afraid. When I finally came to Vienna in 2003 to study music education, psychology, and philosophy, my musical visions started to materialise more and more: Retrieve long-forgotten traditional tunes and incorporate them in my own music, discover rare gems from all over the world and become familiar with them. Find people who know things I don’t know, so I know a bit more afterwards. Play music with people and create small worlds.
After some time of studying people, music , and life itself, a new passion has joined the aforementioned: improvisation. Because it gets you so very close – closer to yourself, closer to the people you play for, closer to the people you play with. Thus, I have come to the Linz Anton Bruckner Private University to study Jazz and improvised music with Andi Schreiber.
In addition, there are a couple of music projects. Find out about the current ones on this website – have fun!