CD Nativa



VÖ: 14.06.13


Label: col legno //
Band: ALMA //



No, they are not naive, these five young people; native, yes. Original. Authentic. Incidentally, Alma Nativa is also a Chilean beer brand, which may be a good omen in view of the anticipated global success of the band. Alma are casual, but not careless. Cool, but not cold. They are smart, but not intellectual, emotional, but not sentimental, virtuoso musicians, certainly, but without the urge to constantly show off their skill. When they do, they do it with a twinkle in their eye. In their music, tradition, improvisation and innovation are merged into something new, something very much alive. In the interaction between rhythm and melody, between dance and emotion, between urban and rural, between whispering and screaming, the native land becomes defamiliarized, and thus comes alive again. The traditional can become authentic only through reinventing itself. Thanks to Alma, the word “Volksmusik” has finally lost its terror. Alma have conquered the heart of this music. They have certainly conquered mine.

(René Freund)

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